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Gender bias in job advertisements

finding subtle bias in job ads Without realising it, we all use language that is subtly ‘gender-coded’. Society has certain expectations of what men and women are like, and how they differ, and this seeps into the language we use…. Continue Reading →

what Gen Z wants….

We want companies to take a stand. Gen-Zers grew up in the era of social movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo. For most of our lives, we’ve been immersed in fast-paced political discussions on social media. Regardless of our political leanings,… Continue Reading →

dank voor jullie medewerking! gevraagd: jouw mening….

De survey “Unemployed but happy?” is gesloten, super dank voor jullie input! Werkloosheid is nooit leuk. Toch is het belangrijk om ook in moeilijke tijden positief en gemotiveerd te blijven doorzetten. Voor de sectie psychologie van de open Universiteit hebben we… Continue Reading →

21 HR jobs of the future

While some of the roles identified are entirely new positions, others are new responsibilities that are becoming increasingly important as HR re-imagines and reboots its strategy in light of the pandemic. All 21 jobs embody five core themes: Individual and… Continue Reading →

in a year’s time: how/where will we work?

This graph is copied from the following Mckinsey Quartely article: reimagining the postpandamic workforce. Is this what it will be in 2021? Its worth to scribble a note in your agenda around august 2021 to have look back. I sincerely… Continue Reading →

tips & tricks voor besparen

Voor mijn samenwerking met Fikks van www.wijgaanhetfikksen.nl heb ik eens een overzicht gemaakt van allerlei opties die er zijn om kleine beetjes te besparen per maand. En….alle kleine beetjes helpen…. De Fikks app maar ook Dyme geven je inzicht in… Continue Reading →

the first 90 days

Transitions are a critical time for leaders. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge a manager will face. While transitions offer a chance to start fresh and make needed changes in an organization,… Continue Reading →

15 HR lessons from scaling a start-up that you won’t read in a book

29 July 2019 – by Patrick Caldwell LinkedIn is full of companies and HR professionals who share photos from company retreats, amazing recruitment stories of hiring underdogs who prove everyone wrong and the infamous ?and?that seem to signal some form of… Continue Reading →

who does what when growing fast?

Driving transformation ​To remain competitive in this contemporary landscape, companies may need to continuously re-think how they operate and re-design human resource practices so they can “move faster, adapt more quickly, learn more rapidly, and embrace dynamic career demands from… Continue Reading →

privacy statement

Net als velen,  werken wij ons privacybeleid bij om voor 25 mei aan de nieuwe regels van de Europese Unie / General Data Protection Regulation te voldoen, of in goed Nederlands de AVG. De missie van Gaviota is om ondernemende bedrijven… Continue Reading →

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