To ensure an understanding of the type of talent required to support future growth while still engaging existing talent today, start collecting insights from three perspectives: leaders, employees and human resources, it can be revealing. Conduct in-depth interviews with key leaders, HR and other stakeholders to determine the current state of affairs as well as future talent requirements. Form focus groups with a cross-section of employees to explore the current employment offer as well as the desired experience by looking at the total rewards value proposition (pay, benefits and careers).

And by doing this you engage them as your chief recruitment source: where are the future employees to be sourced and who do they and their network know. Facebook, like most other Silicon Valley firms, relies heavily on employee referrals to identify top recruits. One of its creative approaches for generating names are called “Ninja Hunts,” where recruiters typically ask a gathered group of employees to think about all their friends to see if some of them would be great engineers for Facebook (where Ninja is their name for an exceptional engineer).