Introduce goal setting for entire workforce and have it truly linked to the business goals. Make it simple and accountable and frequent. Use feedback mechanism like Impraise’s tool supports, use it on an ad random informal basis to integrate it into the daily routines of the people. Hold the official reviews as development discussions. Embed career discussions into performance plans and start to create a talent management rhythm by using succession planning process to identify critical gaps in the future and encourage job rotation, mentoring or internal mobility to develop the future workforce. Thus linking performance to development and the company’s goals (and its WHY) makes it a proud process that is eagerly owned by all (instead of being an HR driven ranking process).
And even better, make it stap by step broader (from succession planning to talent management pipelines) till you have a workforce planning process and only then start to be curious to learn what analytics (see for examples Inostix’s blog) can do for HR and the business. Analytics is truly looking forward and is afforable for the larger corporates.In the longer term the organization would like to create talent pools at every layer of the organization. It also intends to implement better systems that will assist in using more advanced data analysis and metrics. Quarterly talent reviews were put in place using multiple assessments and data. Want to know more about what we encountered in our daily practise and how we can implement it for you? Contact me!