Today’s executives spend a lot of time managing the balance sheet, despite the fact that it doesn’t represent their company’s scarcest resource. The impact of the people, though it seems intangible, can be measured by the number of inspired employees in your workforce. Based on research, inspired employees are three times more productive than dissatisfied employees, but they are rare. For most organizations, only one out of eight employees is inspired.

More information is again to be found in these always interesting articles in HBR: what if companies managed people as carefully as their money

and engaging your employees

However in the most simple way just act on a day to day basis, on an hourly basis, on every decision basis with the credo in mind ‘what if I were them, how would I feel’ – as many decisions and actions involve people other than just things…you get a long and fair way that way.

As Chade – Meng Tan says (Search Inside Yourself) ‘begin by assuming the other person is a good person and deserves to bet treated as such, until proven otherwise, remember also that trust begets trust’.