Established in 2001, Gaviota has been a steady partner for clients in the field of human resources. My journey as an independent professional began after a consulting career in IT/business analysis, followed by a deep dive into the traditional headhunting landscape. Carrying these insights into a series of interim management roles across the breadth of the human resources realm, my approach has been to seamlessly integrate the needs of business processes with the HR component. Now, I have once again shifted my focus towards the talent arena, as it forms the core of my professional ethos: unlocking the potential of individuals to benefit both them and the organization.

My mission is clear-cut: Talent acquisition to empower businesses in achieving their objectives within the broader framework of their strategic vision. At Gaviota, we go beyond merely providing talent; we bring a dynamic force that reshapes executive search and recruitment into an effective and enjoyable experience. Navigating the intersection of speed, intellect, and a dash of fun, we infuse a unique energy into the process, ensuring outcomes that are not only swift but also intelligent and purposefully aligned.

As a strong advocate for perpetual learning I practise what I preach:

My educational journey extended well beyond my academic master’s in Economics from Tilburg University in 1995. In 2022, I enriched my knowledge further by completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, complementing my expertise and ensuring a thorough understanding of the latest developments in the dynamic field of human resources.




The Name:

And in case you wonder about the name – Gaviota – its this sea bird in the Spanish language. I like the Spanish language and my family┬áhad once a boat called ‘kokmeeuw’ (Dutch it sounds like Kocken).