ON BOARDING is the one and only – yes I put it boldly here – relevant process after one is hired. When done the way I think you should do it, you have included also goal setting and the base of performance management and as such started off in a communicative way ….

Onboarding is

  • pre hire information (website)
  • first day reception and information set
  • first 6 months networking guidance – meeting key players and mix with departments by having luncheons etc
  • jobdescription translated in first set of goals for the performance management process – discuss expectations
  • probation period evaluation – almost never done, missing out on a fresh view!
  • 100 dagen of 3 maanden of 6 maanden…..neem een periode waarin je gedoseerd de bedrijfscultuur laat doordringen

A lot can be found online. If you dont want to engage me :), see for example: https://welcome.mit.edu.


I can make reference to assignments at PwC, NIBC, RELX where I worked with / designed this process.