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Author Gwenn Kocken

              The Netherlands is rapidly becoming Europe’s “place to be”. Across this country, the best disruptive ideas are nurtured, encouraged and then scaled into real international businesses.

how to make performance review less painful

Performance reviews are a hassle for everyone involved. Supervisors have to deal with an onslaught of paperwork and meetings, but employees who only get assessments once or twice a year can often feel as if they are working in a… Continue Reading →

Talent management or People management

One of my most favourite writers on HR topics at this moment is Josh Bersin. Beginning of this year he published a relevant overview of the HR landscape. Have a read here:

Work Rules

Have a look at, this is really great stuff. Inspire yourself how HRM can truly partner with the business

why peoplemanagement is replacing talent management

We can look back over the last ten years and see amazing progress in business, technology and HR. Today leaders face new people challenges, forcing us to redefine and extend what the original “integrated talent management” tried to accomplish.

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